THE LEBANON PRO / AM  is the best amateur international bodybuilding event Lebanon has seen! This event will be held in Jounieh Beirut, Lebanon 20th April, 2019 hosting All MENS AMATEUR PRO QUALIFYING CATEGORIES.

An event not to be missed! Enjoy the highest level of International competition.

A prestigious show for both athletes and spectators who can enjoy a day full of great sportsmanship, high calibre and all related to sport.



A date that no athlete will want to miss given its great opportunity and professional impact, facing international athletes and associated to the best competitions worldwide!

Venue: Nouhad Nawfal Stadium

The Palace of Sports and Hobbies
This monumental venue is in the middle of the city of Zouk Mikaël. It boasts 
an interior auditorium for an estimate of 6000 persons,
It also provides an interior playground for basketball matches, international

festivals during the winter and a Roman amphitheater that is used

for international festivals in the summer.

The palace is enlarged upon 20 000 m2 divided into a tennis playground, health clubs, restaurants, shops, and public gardens.

Venue map:


Moe ElMoussawi

A Lebanese born and raised in the suburbs of Beirut, as a teenage aspiring bodybuilder looked up to idols in the sport. He dedicated himself in training for Mr. Mt. Lebanon in which he won at the young age of 17. He then traveled to America to pursue his dream of becoming a Professional Bodybuilder.

He was an active IFBB PRO Bodybuilder placing top 10 in the Mr. Olympia stage 2x 2008-2009. He is an IFBB PRO / Amateur international Judge and one out of 5 Mr. Olympia Judges and an Arnold Classic Judge. 

The LEBANON PRO/ AM is the first event of its kind to ever be hosted in Lebanon! His ultimate aspiration was to bring to Lebanon vast opportunities and such prestigious events to his dear home country. This event will be a milestone in the sport of bodybuilding in Lebanon and bring an elite platform for international exposure.

“My vision and dedication is to help promote and create a future for every Lebanese athlete in the sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness and offer an international platform of events for our athletes to achieve their sporting goals”- Moe ElMoussawi